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Popular Mechanics: The Squishy Robots That Could Save the World.

This article in Popular Mechanics explains how work for NASA led CEO Alice Agogino to the realization that everything that made our robots perfect for space exploration—their autonomous sensing power, remote control capabilities, and unprecedented impact durability—made our robots perfect for Earth-based disaster responders.

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Smart Firefighting Podcast

CEO Alice Agogino was interviewed for Episode 54 of the Smart Firefighting Podcast. Listen to the podcast and read the article about how Squishy Robotics is providing groundbreaking innovations to reduce risks and save lives during emergencies and disasters.

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Photo of Squishy Robotics team at Techcrunch

TechCrunch Highlights Squishy Robotics

Squishy Robotics was invited to demo at TechCrunch Robotics+AI on Thursday, April 18, 2019. Alice Agogino, CEO of Squishy Robotics and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley, led the demo through backdrop videos of field testing, supplemented by stage demos by

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Squishy Robots in Action When Every Second Counts

Squishy Robotics participated in Operation Convergence Response 2018, demonstrating our life-saving innovations. In addition to participation in the Solutions Showcase, Squishy Robotics was featured at the Earthquake Scenario. Visual and chemical data gathered and transmitted from Squishy Robots enables disaster response teams to make better decisions, save lives, reduce costs and risks, and increase the effectiveness of the response, all while increasing safety of team members.

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