Research and Development

Product Platform Roadmap

Here is our product platform roadmap with a vision of offering integrated aerial-ground mobility systems. The stationary robot is available for sale now. We are currently pilot testing the stationary robots with customers with successful drops up to 1,000 ft. The mobile robots are being tested in the lab to walk along side or in front of first responders and are capable of walking over rough terrain. We are putting rotors inside another tensegrity robot to create an aerial/ ground hybrid system that can perform low level aerial flying or maneuvers, such as hopping over a fence. Next in line is the development of a floating robot as requested by our partners in flood-prone areas.

Stationary Robot

Field testing rapidly deployable sensor/communication robots with first responders and military.

Ground Mobility

Ground-mobile robots being tested in the lab now and targeted for commercial sales this year.

Aerial Hybrid Mobility

Aerial/ground hybrid system with rotors being developed in the lab now.

In Development: Mobile Robot

The mobile robot sensor platform is in development and being tested in the lab now. These mobile robots could be remotely controlled from a safe distance or could walk along side or in front of first responders. They are capable of movement along rugged terrain or slopes. Current engineering efforts include increasing the battery life of the mobile payload, maximizing its capacity, optimizing and improving onboard data analytics capabilities.

Paired-Cable Schema Is Over Five Times More Efficient Than 24-Cable Actuation

M. Cera, A. A. Thompson and A. M. Agogino, “Energy-Efficient Locomotion Strategies and Performance Benchmarks using Point Mass Tensegrity Dynamics,” 2019 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Macau, China, 2019, pp. 4678-4683.

In Development: Rotor Robot

In collaboration with Dr. Mark Mueller, UC Berkeley, we are adding rotors to the structure to develop an impact-resistant aerial/ ground hybrid system that can perform low level aerial maneuvers, such as hopping over a fence or flight in enclosed spaces.

In Development: Thermal Payload

A new sensor payload to be carried by the Stationary, Mobile, and Rotor Robots. Solution provides on-board steerable thermal cameras in addition to daytime cameras. Full camera frames can also be transmitted over mesh network. Robot can run real time analytics on the thermal camera data, to provide alerts in case of a newly-started fire or equipment failures.

In Development: Third-Party Robot Payload

Squishy Robotics will be able to rapidly deliver small third-party robots equipped with sensors to provide more mobility options on the ground. 

Future Capabilities

As an emerging technology, there are a wide range of use cases and capabilities. Contact us to discuss your use cases or applications.

Variety of Deployment Vehicles

Robots can be configured for a variety of deployment scenarios from diverse aerial assets.

Artificial Intelligence

AI techniques identify regions where sensors would be most valued without requiring humans to enter the potentially dangerous area.

Limited Access to Hardware

Robots can be built without access to the payload hardware if sufficient design information is provided.

Data Analytics

Machine learning on archived data will lead to improvements in inspection, diagnostics, and prognostics.

Repeated Reuse

Reuse of platform possible for multiple deployments.

Rugged Mobility

Capable of rolling mobility over rugged terrain and able to adapt to rapidly evolving emergency situations.

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