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Solutions for Public Safety

Delivering innovative solutions for Public Safety

Our robots empower your team–offering mission-specific payloads that enable responders to multiply their drone capabilities by keeping drones in the air while our robots gather data on the ground.

Impact Resistant

Repeated airdrops from drones, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft. Deployed from heights of up to 1,000 feet.

Drone Deployable

Fast robot deployment via popular commercial drone models means that data gathering is performed without risking human lives.

Mesh Capability

Robots bring their own network. Payloads mesh network eliminating the reliance on an existing communications infrastructure.

Drone Multiplier

A single drone can position several persistent, ground-level sensing robots, while keeping the drone available for continued aerial assessments.

Customizable Sensor Platform

Customizable to meet your needs. Standard 4-gas sensor combination (CO, H2S, LEL, O2), 6 cameras and GPS.

Data-driven Decision Making

Data when and where you need it to make informed decisions.

Southern Manatee Fire and Rescue, FL

Pilot Partner:

Rescue Location:

Southern Manatee Fire and Rescue

Sarasota, Florida

Southern Manatee Fire and Rescue (SMFR) is a leader in the use of drones for fire and HazMat response. The department began its drone program in 2015. Focusing first on drone use during HazMat calls, the department has been expanding the use of drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), technology ever since. As a result of the pilot partnership agreement signed in June 2020, Squishy Robotics delivered drone-deployable robots to the SMFR for extended user testing during the department’s emergency response operations and training scenarios. The feedback from SMFR first responders— who have been pioneers in the integration UAVs in emergency response— have played and continue to play a critical role in future developments of our drone-deployable sensor platform capable of enabling persistent remote monitoring, providing first responders with time-critical data.

In current HazMat responses, SMFR often attaches a multi- gas meter to a drone and lands it near an emergency site, effectively taking the UAV out of the air and dedicating the drone to monitoring only. Now, SMFR first responders will start using drones to airdrop Squishy Robotics’ sensor- equipped robots during emergencies. Once airdropped, a robot can remain close to a “hot zone” and provide improved situational awareness by transmitting video and sensor data back to the SMFR team. This delivery also frees the drone for continued aerial assessments or other tasks.

We have heard drones described as force multipliers—and we see our droppable sensor robots as drone multipliers. By combining its drones with our sensor robots, the SMFR team can access lifesaving situational awareness all from a safe distance as team members plan how to respond to an emergency.

Training Demonstrations

Overturned Tanker Training with LACoFD

Squishy Robotics engineers joined the Los Angeles County Fire Department during a hazardous materials (HazMat) training scenario at the Del Valle Regional Training Center “HazMat City.” Deployed via drone airdrops, our sensor robots provided visual and 4-gas sensor data to the incident command center during a simulated tanker truck leak.

Earthquake Response Scenario at Operation Convergent Response

Working with military, first responders, and other emergency personnel from around the country, Squishy Robotics participated in the earthquake scenario during Operation Convergent Response (OCR) 2018. OCR is a three-day immersive demonstration event that highlights how advanced technologies can assist during emergencies.