These Squishy Robots Can Survive A 600 Feet Fall

Photo of a Squishy Robot in a simulated earthquake disaster
Photo of Squishy Robot in a simulated earthquake disaster

The Engineer, July 16, 2019 — Squishy Robotics featured in Wonderful Engineering. Excerpt: The squishy robots by Squishy Robotics are about two feet wide and feature video cameras and electronic sensors housed within a ball-shaped lattice of cables and rods that help provide a buffer to the sensitive gear from any hits such as falling to the ground after falling from a great height. The basic idea behind the squishy robots is to have these shape-shifting robots deployed from the aircraft that flies over areas that have been hit by earthquakes, spills of hazardous chemicals, or wildfires. The squishy robots will then collect information and send it to the first responders, thus letting them prepare for the exact situation at hand.