Testing, demonstrations with Southern California first responders 

Lead Mechatronics Engineer Douglas Hutchings took a trip to Southern California earlier this month to meet with several fire departments and to demonstrate Squishy Robotics 4-GasPLUS tensegrity robots. One of the highlights of his trip was meeting with members of the Corona Fire Department.

Hutchings showed the Corona Fire Department, which is located in western Riverside County, how the sensor robots can be quickly air deployed by drones as well as demonstrating Squishy Robotics’ new integration with ATAK—Android Team Awareness Kit. This ATAK integration enables the rapid sharing of real-time, mission-critical information from deployed sensors across all response personnel.

ATAK is a smartphone-based geospatial situational awareness application. ATAK enables the integration of sensor telemetry geospatial map data in real time. Corona Fire Department was an early adopter of ATAK for public safety agency response and applications. Data from the Squishy Robotics 4-GasPLUS robots was passed on to Corona Fire Department’s ATAK system in a matter of seconds, providing end users, such as a Battalion Chief and in-the-field responders, immediate awareness of each robot’s environment.

Does your department use ATAK? Are you interested in seeing and learning more about our ATAK integration? Please contact us with questions or to set up a demo.