Company awarded Navy contract

Squishy Robotics has started work on a contract with the U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research (ONR). ONR fosters partnerships with academia, industry, and government to coordinate and sponsor scientific research and technology development for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

“Our team is thrilled and honored to partner with ONR as we work together to adapt our tensegrity robot technology for explosive ordnance disposal applications,” said Lead Mechatronics Engineer Douglas Hutchings. “Not only will the planned research and work enhance our company’s technology, but this contract also gives us the opportunity to provide superior tools for military personnel and first responders who are working to keep all of us safe.”

Enhancing  the company’s technology is top of mind for COO Deniz Dogruer.  “Our current products offer many risk assessment features for our first responder customers,” said Dogruer. “We believe that the planned work will help us provide our users with more risk mitigation features.” Dogruer explained that the ONR contract will specifically help Squishy Robotics make numerous technological advancements and promote greater user safety.

The work will drive Mobile Robot development during the current year. Other advancements will likely include improved rapid payload prototyping and enhanced ruggedization of the robots.