Video highlights Squishy Robotics’ contribution to green jobs growth 

Squishy Robotics sensor robots and executive and engineering team members are featured in a recent episode of Horizons: On the Record that focuses on growing green jobs that can help combat climate change. CEO Dr. Alice Agogino, COO Deniz Dogruer, and Lead Mechatronics Engineer Douglas Hutchings discussed how our company robots and technologies are helping in HazMat response and in wildfire mitigation.

“Robotics can address particular problems that can help industries do better in terms of climate change,” Hutchings said, during a demonstration of drone-deployment and drop testing of tensegrity robots in footage that was filmed at our testing site in Richmond, CA. Such robotics solutions require “multiple disciplines—it’s a ‘team sport,’” he stated.

Dogruer expanded on Hutchings’s point about how people with various skills are needed to bring new ideas to reality. She explained that “cool, innovative technologies” are not enough by themselves to solve difficult and multifaceted problems like climate change. “You need people who are able to identify the problem, listen to the customer, and develop a solution that fits into a workflow.”

Horizons: On the Record is a streamed and cable televised (via Comcast) show that is produced by Jobs for the Future (JFF), a non-profit that focuses on the American workforce and education systems to achieve equitable economic advancement for all.