Company participates in UTAC 

Billed as “the most realistic and immersive UAS training conference in the World,” the Unmanned Tactical Application Conference, or UTAC 2022, took place at the end of October. Squishy Robotics was a proud sponser of UTAC for the second year in a row. 

Squishy Robotics Lead Mechatronics Engineer Douglas Hutchings attended the multiday conference, which was held at the Guardian Centers, the 880-acre disaster response training facility in Georgia. Hutchings manned the conference display area, demonstrating our tensegrity sensor robots while meeting emergency personnel attendees from across the U.S. and the world. A licensed drone pilot, Hutchings also participated in some of the conference’s unmanned aircraft system (UAS) search and rescue trainings.

“UTAC provides several immersive, real-world scenarios along with training exercises and presentations for attendees from law enforcement, fire and rescue, and special operations teams,” Hutchings said. “It is an important event for our customers—and future customers—where they get to learn about, operate, and evaluate some of the most advanced technologies that are available.” FLYMOTION, the organizer and principal sponsor of UTAC, is a Squishy Robotics reseller.