Meet Our 2020-21 Interns

Screen shot of Zoom session
Robot MEng team members (Mina Fanaian, Daniel Newell, Benjamin Boggs, and Joey Zhu) meet with mentors (Dr. Alice Agogino, Douglas Hutchings, and Clark Zha) and undergraduate researchers (Natalie Perez and Hadar Gamliel).

With the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, Squishy Robotics welcomed eight UC Berkeley Master of Engineering (MEng) students to our engineering team. Typically, MEng students apply to different UC Berkeley-affiliated companies or laboratories to work as interns to gain industry experience as part of their one-year master’s program. 

“The Squishy Robotics leadership team interviewed all of our applicants and we selected these interns based on their technical proficiency, teamwork skills, and enthusiasm,” said Squishy Robotics CEO Dr. Alice Agogino. “They are a very impressive cohort!”

Celina Chow, Daniel Newell, Edward Xia, Joey Zhu, Benjamin Boggs, Toby Liu, Mina Fanaian, and Tamara Perreault will spend 6 to 12 hours a week working for Squishy Robotics, focusing on their capstone projects and receiving valuable mentoring from professional engineers and designers. This year’s student intern projects will focus on drop targeting, Mobile Robot locomotion improvements, and payload hardening and design enhancements.
“I am looking forward to working with our new interns,” said Lead Mechatronics Engineer Douglas Hutchings, who has been awarded two citations from Cal for his work as an industry/business mentor. “Year after year, these student interns demonstrate how much can be accomplished with energy and hard work—not to mention critical thinking and curiosity.”  Engineering advancements seldom are solo achievements, Hutchings explained, “Those aha moments come a lot faster when you have a team collaborating together.”