Squishy Robotics at the Lawrence Hall of Science

Squishy Robotics tests our new curriculum at the Lawrence Hall of Science’s Phenomenal Physics Sunday Funday on July 23, 2017.

The curriculum features tensegrities, the same structures NASA and UC Berkeley scientists are researching for space exploration!  Students learn about potential energy, kinetic energy, energy transformation, and their role in designing a “safe” lunar lander!  Activities include testing tensegrities, exploring gravitational potential energy with balls and playdough, investigating kinetic energy with balls and ramps, and studying elastic potential energy with bungees and boxes.

The tensegrity activities were not only an exciting experience for the young visitors at the Lawrence Hall of Science, but also a learning experience for the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab STEM undergraduate interns and Lawrence Hall of Science teen volunteers, pictured below, who helped facilitate the activities.

IMG_6023 copy.jpg

Overall, Squishy Robotics was a big hit! Kids and parents alike were engaged with the curriculum, STEM undergraduate students and teen volunteers were provided a STEM outreach opportunity and Squishy Robotics took its first steps towards testing and evaluating the new curriculum.

Photo of other outreach activities below (Robot block party, Lawrence Hall of Science and Black Girls Code):

815071805-Tensegrity Outreach Images

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