“Shape Shifting” Tensegrity Robots Demonstrated to NASA Deputy Director

Dr. Alice Agogino and her Berkeley Emergent Space Tensegrities (BEST) Lab from UC Berkeley demonstrated their rapid prototyped tensegrity robots for Dr. Dava Newman, the newly minted Deputy Director of NASA on Friday July 17. See more images in our photo album or view our video of the event.

Working with the Intelligent Robotics Systems group at NASA Ames (Adrian Agogino and Vytas Sunspiral and students from UCSD and UCSC), the demonstration took place at the Roverscape at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View.

Alice_Dava2 Roverscape_BEST
Prof. Agogino with Dr. Newman (center), with undergraduate researcher Kimberley Fountain (from Berkeley Community College, left) and Kyle Zampaglione (MS student, right) next to two of our robot prototypes . UC Berkeley tensegrity prototpyes with Ali Toghyan, Kevin Li, Kyle Zampaglione, Kimberley Fountain, Alice Agogino (left) with NASA Ames’ SUPERball bot and NASA Ames’ researchers Vytas SunSpiral and Adrian Agogino (right).

We were joined by the new Director of NASA Ames Eugene Tu, who received his BS in ME at UC Berkeley in 1988.

The demonstration took place at NASA Ames’ Roverscape, a mock moon/mars landscape for testing rovers (left to right, Alice Agogino, Kimberley Fountain, Kyle Zampaglione, Kyunam Kim, Kevin Li).

Roverscape2 Welcome to the Roverscape

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