The Squishy Robotics team has a proven track record in technological innovation, while promoting diversity and inclusion. A majority female-owned start-up, our team has expertise in Mechanical Design, Mechatronics, Electronics (including sensors and sensor fusion), Advanced Controls, Artificial Intelligence, Product Management and Education.

Dr. Alice Agogino

President & CTO
Dr. Alice Agogino is President and Chief Technology Officer of Squishy Robotics. She is PI on the following grants related to Squishy Robotics:
— “Squishy Robotics - Shape-Shifting Robots for Disaster Rescue, Monitoring and Education”, SBIR Phase I and I-Corp, NSF
— “Precision Hopping/Rolling Robotic Surface Probe Based on Tensegrity Structures,” NASA
— “Trajectory Tracking in Nonlinear, High-Order, Underactuated Robotic Systems”, NASA
— “Design and Control of a Twelve-Bar Tensegrity Structure”, NASA
She is currently the Roscoe and Elizabeth Hughes Professor of Mechanical Engineering and is affiliated faculty at the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley. Her prior research includes related topics in machine learning, tensegrity robotics, sensor fusion and education. She has served in a number of leadership positions at UC Berkeley including Chair of the UC Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate, Associate Dean of Engineering and Director of the Instructional Technology Program. She directs research in the BEST (Berkeley Emergent Space Tensegrities) Lab and the Product Design MEng program. Agogino has authored over 300 peer-reviewed publications, is a member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and has won numerous teaching, mentoring, best paper and research awards. She has supervised 50 PhD dissertations and 187 MS theses/reports.
Email: alice@squishy-robotics.com

Deniz Dogruer

Deniz Dogruer, with a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering, is a former science teacher and educational researcher who has returned to UC Berkeley for a PhD in Engineering Education. She has several years of experience in curriculum development and teaching. She has studied the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in depth and has experience developing NGSS aligned curriculum. She is especially interested in utilizing engineering design, more specifically student explanations of design decisions, to foster a deep scientific conceptual understanding. Dogruer will take the lead in the education and science museum market development.
Email: deniz@squishy-robotics.com.

Brian Cera

Lead Controls Engineer
Brian Cera is currently a doctoral student researcher in UC Berkeley’s Emergent Space Tensegrities Research Lab. He is primarily interested in the mechatronic design of tensegrity robots and in developing novel approaches for controlling these innovative robots. He is working towards receiving his PhD in mechanical engineering with a focus in controls of tensegrity robots. Through both his current research and his experience working with rehabilitation robotics in his undergraduate career at Rice University, Cera has had over six years of experience working on robotics research.
Email: brian@squishy-robotics.com.


Seiya Ono

Electrical Engineering Intern

Bryant So

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Chahal Neema

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Nigel Mevana

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Zixuan Lan

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Shalandy Zhang

UI Design Intern

Grant Emmendorfer

Mechanical Engineering Intern